Allie Matheson

Instagram : @_missallisonanne

You’ll always be welcomed with a smile when Allie is at the front desk! This ball of energy can help with you before and after class and make sure you are ready to Crush It! Originally from PEI Allie spent most of her early years on a farm before going to UNB to study Kinesiology. She entered the fitness world 4 years ago after working in sales and has loved every minute of it! When she’s not at CrushCamp you can find her at Amped Advantage where she can jolt your training into gear!

Current Goal: Achieving a work/life/training balance that compliments all her responsibilities, hobbies, and interests. Allowing her to feel balanced, fulfilled & healthy!

CRUSHED goal : Femsport!

Pump up song : right now, today - True Feeling by Galantis. Tomorrow it will likely be different!

Allie is currently a member of our member success team but keep an eye out for her on the class schedule!


Why CrushCamp?

I live in the area and at the time was trying out literally all of the studios around looking for something to keep me hooked & seeing results. After my first week I was sold! It was (& is) always challenging, but always your own & you always feel great even if you just show up. Cause, we all know - those coaches don’t let you slide too easy!

The Wolfpack was my total hook line & sinker for me at CC! The friendships, challenges and goals we made (& Crushed) together were beyond amazing. If I can bring only a small amount of that bond to any future Wolfpack and class member I will call that a win. 

-Allie M