Coach + Personal Trainer + FST Specialist

Coach + Personal Trainer + FST Specialist

Anna (iskra) Levy

Anna is a self-proclaimed outdoor enthusiast and weekend warrior. When she is not helping her clients crush their goals, she can often be found in the back country hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and maybe enjoying an outback brew with her husband! While she loves to support athletes training for big events, her philosophy is more lifestyle oriented.

“My early introduction to fitness and strength training stems from my work experience at Mount Royal Recreation Centre when I was a student. In this industry, I am constantly surrounded by ambitious individuals of a variety of athletic backgrounds where many are pursuing professional or competitive careers in sport. Me, I'm not chasing athletic ability on a competitive scale-when asked what I'm training for, my reply is simply for Life. My priority has always been to take care of my body and to be able to live a very active lifestyle. Being sedentary is not for me and if you're on this page, you feel the same. Being a Roamer, one often wants to see to what limits their body can be pushed; how much can one lift, push, pull, and test their physical form.”

Training specialty: General Fitness, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Pre & Post Natal
Current Goal: Being able to deadlift double her body weight and lead climb 5.10a- 5.10c confidently!
CRUSHED goal: One of Canadas Top Fitness Trainer 2018
Pump up song: Humble by Kendrick Lamar
Certifications: Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, CSEP CPT, Fit4Two Pre and Postnatal Specialist, FST Level 1 Therapist

Instagram: @right2roamtraining

Anna is currently teaching regular CrushCamp classes and Strong as a Motha’. She is also accepting new clients for Personal Training and Fascial Stretching. Contact Anna to book your complimentary consultation, or meet her in class Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am.

Anna made it a point to have our time together build off my interests, goals and successes, be fun so I could enjoy the experience, and get creative in the ways I used my body and built strength. I needed someone to have my back, to forgive me when I was moody about the workout, laugh with me every session, find ways to make me excited and engaged, to be effective so I could see results and push beyond my own preconceived limits. She was in it with me, I got stronger and healthier, I was beyond grateful for her expertise, patience, encouragement, knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm and character. I would train with her always if I could.

Anna is not only awesome with the moms, ensuring we are working out to our best and safest level - but she also helps with the babies, rocking them, playing with them, and more - pretty much anything to make sure mama gets her workout in. On top of getting in a good workout, I’ve also made a few good mom friends which I’m so grateful for and that’s thanks to the community Anna develops within her classes. I highly recommend them, I have been going for months and look forward to continuing throughout the next year. Also if you want to do something without baby, she’s got you covered there too!