Coach + Personal Trainer

Coach + Personal Trainer

Christina Ollivier

Christina’s personality is as big as her heart - and she’s got the knowledge and experience to back up all that hype:

“I started my fitness journey about 6-7 years ago. I had gone through 'that phase' in my life where I was eating and drinking whatever I wanted, not caring for the consequences. When I stopped and took a good, long, hard look in the mirror one day, I realized how unhappy I was... I ALSO realized that I had gained +50 lbs.

So... I completely changed my eating habits, and started up a fitness regimen - mostly consisting of workout videos (i.e. good ol' Jillian Michael's), until I became comfortable enough to hit the gym. I started seeing noticeable differences right away - I was happier, and realized how passionate I was over fitness. So... I ended up getting certified in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, and then another couple of years later, became a certified personal trainer.

The journey for me has been everything. It made me delve deep into my core, discover who I was, what I wanted, what I was passionate about, what drove me, and it's been one of the best things I've ever done! Even today I'm still just as obsessed with it. I'm always finding new and challenging workouts, and love trying out any and all fitness models. I'm loving that Calgary is getting more and more on the 'fitness bandwagon', and I couldn't be more excited to be apart of it all!”

Training specialty: Lower body strength training, weight loss/toning for women, nutrition

Current Goal: #AlltheBootyGains - amiright?

CRUSHED goal: She recently took swimming lessons, despite her incredible fear of water!

Pump up song: Don't Kill My High by Lost Kings, Wiz Khalifa, Social House

Certifications: Nations Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Precision Nutrition Sport & Exercise Nutrition Specialist (Pn1), CPR Level C & AED, TRX Training

Instagram : @christinaollivier
YouTube: Christina Ollivier

In addition to teaching several CrushCamp classes/week, Christina offers Small Group Training and Personal Training at CrushCamp. Visit our schedule or contact her to book a complimentary consultation.

I’d consider myself an OG member of CrushCamp. I had the pleasure of meeting Christina first as one of the newest CC coaches about 6 months ago. This ball of positive energy has had a huge influence on my fitness journey over the past few months. From small group training, where she honed my skills in squatting, ensuring a safe and technical environment for me to not only challenge myself but to find some confidence in my developing strength. While HIIT was tempering my inner athlete and challenging me to push myself beyond what I thought possible in the fitness department (I’m a self proclaimed non-runner!), it really garnered a love for the strength and HEAVY lifting. I knew I needed something to round out my training and thus brought me back to Christina for programming. While I’ve never struggled in the motivation department, my lack of knowledge of what strength routines would maximize muscle development and growth found me stuck. Where do I go from here? Christina programmed me a month of strength training fitness routines to aid my in my recently purchased “groupon” to get back into the gym setting. I was floored by my routines. I felt like I had been doing the gym wrong for years. My workouts were organized, easily structured, but left me challenged, exhausted, yet feeling energized with the weights I was lifting and the moves I was performing. Backed with video support (so I knew exactly what moves I was doing), to constant communication with Christina (for badass motivation and support), it was structured so I felt sure of what I was about to do each day, with enough repetition to ensure mastery of moves and the ability to challenge myself (add that extra weight I was unsure about the week before). She structures thing to max out your performance so that you feel like a beast in the gym, while getting the coaching support and motivation to keep you going. Nothing like having your coach in your corner. I can’t speak highly enough of the programming she does, and if you are looking for some guidance, support, motivation and killer workouts, you’ve found it in her! I look forward to what she has in store for me next!
-Amy M