Coach + Personal Trainer

Coach + Personal Trainer


Christina Ollivier

Have you met Christina? She's pretty much always the loudest person in the room, which is a good thing because she's also one of the most positive, energetic, and enthusiastic people you'll ever meet! Not only is Christina a full time Executive Administrative Assistant, but she runs her own online fitness coaching program, and now (lucky us!) she's joined the crew at Crush. How does she do it all? "The way I see it, you've got one life - why spend it being anything but brilliant!". 

Christina turned to fitness training as a way to stay active after 15 years of dance: "I turned to fitness to bridge the emptiness I was feeling when I quit dancing, and that turned out to be the best decision of my life!". She's certified in Personal Training, and Sport and Exercise Nutrition, and she knows firsthand the power of goal setting/crushing, so it's no surprise that Christina has found her way to CrushCamp. "I've realized what a profound impact motivation, determination, and commitment can have on oneself. It wasn't just the physical transformation, but everything else that came with it, like the incredible mount of self-love that came with setting goals and working hard to achieve them". Goal crushing in action? Christina used to be terrified of the water, but challenged herself to learn how to swim and has snorkelled in places like Hawaii and New Zealand. Is this chick a badass, or what?! 

Expect to leave Christina's class having worked your ass off, but also feeling liberated, motivated, and sweaty as hell.

Vibe: I'm your typical epic beats girl - literally anything with a good beat that I know I can dance to is my jam!

Currently Crushing: #BootyGains - amiright?! I'm focusing on all the glute work.

And I Quote: Nelson Mandela once said, "There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living". Enough said!