FOH Team Member

FOH Team Member


Emmaclaire Fech

Architectural Technologist by day and CrushCamp front of house superstar by night, Emmaclaire is a fun loving adventure seeker that is guaranteed to make you laugh. When she isn’t experimenting in the kitchen or petting stranger’s dogs on the street, you’ll find this determined (ahem, stubborn) member of the Wolfpack crushing goals like no other: “If I have a goal, I HAVE to reach it. If I want something bad enough, I'll get there!”.

EC’s friends would tell you she’s fun loving, friendly, and genuinely awesome to be around, so expect a warm welcome when you see her around Camp. You might also catch her chair dancing because this girl is always on the move. “I was really active as a kid, and that instilled a need for movement in my life; physically and mentally I need it. Can't. Sit. Still.”.

Emmaclaire’s favourite way to Crush it? “Core-focused classes - I could do core for days! You come out with a heavy sweat and feel like a million-bucks. These classes are legit and always push you that good-good amount.”

Currently Crushing: Getting back into enjoying running. I’ve been recovering from an injury, so the goal is to take it easy, one mile at a time.

And I quote: "I learned that you can fail at what you don't love, so you might as well do what you love. There's really no choice to be made" - Jim Carey