Heather Campbell

She may seem like a sweet and gentle dad joke aficionado, but make no mistake, this teeny-tiny taco lover will challenge the shit out of you!

Heather left the corporate world of marketing a couple years ago to pursue her love of fitness training, and now she shares her passion for teaching movement on the daily as her main hustle. “After years of practicing yoga, I felt I needed to dive deeper into it because it changed my life in so many ways. I enrolled into my first 200 hour yoga teacher training, and became an instructor immediately. After teaching yoga for a while and realizing how much I loved watching people transform and grow, I knew this is where I was meant to be. Fitness is my passion, and when I moved to Calgary I was craving a community that I felt welcomed in and also inspired by so I could  motivate others to push themselves out of there comfort zone. That’s when I found CrushCamp, something so unique, after my first class I knew I found my community and needed be more involved."

Her friends would tell you that Heather is compassionate, encouraging, and always able to see the best in people and situations. She’ll do whatever she can to make the people around her happy, and help them accomplish their dreams.

Expect to leave Heather’s classes with legs like jelly and a smile on your face, because she’s going to push you to give it all you’ve got: “I want people to have a really good time, to be fully inspired and motivated to destroy their current goals, all while feeling supported, safe, and educated in every movement.”

Vibe: Absolutely everything. Music is my second language but you will mainly hear some bad ass hip hop or remixes of old school tunes.

Currently Crushing: I love goal setting, so I have a few, but I am training to complete a triathlon or my first half marathon next summer! 

And I quote: "You can’t expect to blend in, when you were born to stand out." It’s a sweet reminder to be exactly who you are.