Coach + Personal Trainer + FST Specialist

Coach + Personal Trainer + FST Specialist

Jay Luu

Jay will have you laughing while he challenges you in your workout! With over 5 years of experience in Personal Training he has the skills to take you out of your comfort zone and toward your goals!

“I started my fitness journey back in first year university, I've always been active in sports growing up but it was the first time I was moving into my cousins place for school I found some of my boxes were really heavy. So after my first day of class I made my way to the university gym. I started reading and doing research into fitness making sure I was doing things right and I was spending hours on and it wasn't until I deferred from med school that I started realizing I had become a fitness junkie and from that day on I've dedicated myself to bettering myself every day I'm training. I love that I can compete with myself just trying to better what I did last day.”

Training specialties: mobility, functional strength and rehabilitation training.
Current goal: Run a 5k in under 30 minutes!
CRUSHED goal: 475 pound Deadlift
Pump up song: We're born to Rise by Redlight King
Certifications: CanFit Pro PTS, TRX R4, TRX Ripped trainer, FST Level 2, Darby DTS Level 1, Darby Powerlifting Level 1, Rocktape FMT Blades and advance Blades, FRC, PN Level 1, Animal Flow Level 1.

Instagram: @dsfacoachjay

Jay is currently accepting new Fascial Stretch Therapy and Personal Training clients on weekday evenings and weekends. Contact Jay to book your complimentary consultation.