Jess Mercier

Born in the Northwest Territories, Jess grew up in Calgary. She quickly found a love for being active in sports flourishing in Basketball. It took her through university where she studied to be a lawyer. After school she discovered the amazing world of weight lifting and circuit training and was completely hooked! This mom does it all, rocking a full time job, raising a wolfcub and crushin’ it out in class! Come check her out for yourself!

Certification: AFLCA - Group Fitness - Portable Equipment
Current Goal:
Finding time to do it all! Annnnd being the best CrushCamp coach I can be.
CRUSHED goal: Getting back into shape after having my baby.
Pump up song: ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem 

Instagram: @jessmerce 

Keep an eye out on our schedule for Jess! You won’t be disappointed by her energy!

Why Crushcamp?

CrushCamp is the kind of studio where everyone feels welcome. I wanted to join a studio where I felt like I was part of a community and could make a difference in people’s lives through fitness! Also, CrushCamp classes are so damn hard in the greatest way!!
— Jess M