FOH Team Member

FOH Team Member


katarina Duke

Expect smiles, laughter, and a whole lotta sarcasm when Katarina is manning the CrushCamp front desk. This empathetic, ambitious, and brutally honest law student can usually be found waiting in line for ice cream when she isn’t working, studying, or adding to her Kennedy collection (lots of people refer to this a shrine, but it’s not…be cool everybody).

Katarina would describe herself as a steel magnolia (you’ve been warned!), and she’s constantly working on self-improvement. “I try to be a better version of myself everyday. Sometimes that means waking up early for a run, other times it means I take my make up off before bed. Baby steps guys.”

Katarina's favourite way to Crush it? "Circuit Crush. I like to put everything into one exercise and be done with it!"

Currently Crushing: Running. I’m currently trying to work back up to last year’s stamina.

And I quote: “We lose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too.” I love this quote because it reminds me to pursue what makes me happy, no matter how difficult or time consuming it is. It’s a reminder that following your passions paves the way to authenticity, and I’m all about that.