Kayti Bates

The doctor is in! 

Meet Kayti, a quirky adventure seeker with a laid back old soul. In her 9-5 as a chiropractor, Kayti hustles on the daily to help her patients move better and thrive with active lifestyles. She is known for breaking out into spontaneous song and dance narratives, which is no surprise since she literally busted a move into fitness. "I danced through my younger years, but I first found my place with fitness when I competed in a couple fitness competitions. From there I went on to learn and love strength, and found myself competing in Powerlifting, CrossFit, and most recently, endurance races and triathlons."

Kayti loves trying new things, and says that when it comes to learning a new skill,  her determination can be borderline obsessive. When she does take time to relax, you can find Kayti kicking back with her pup Brooks, listening to some blusey jazz, and of course having great conversations and lots of laughs.

Expect Kayti's incredible drive and motivation to carry into each and every one of her CrushCamp classes. "I want people to walk out of each class feeling strong, being confident with what their bodies are capable of doing, and to get comfortable with struggling. My goal is to motivate each person to see and reach their potential, and to get comfortable with being uncomfortable." 

Vibe: I'm a big fan of remixes...remix the jazz, indie, and hip hop.

Currently Crushing: I'm currently training for my first triathlon coming up this June in Wasa Beach

And I quote: "Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must have." -Charles Bukowski - It just reminds me that everyone struggles and feels crazy but as long as we love and believe in ourselves, our life is something great and worth fighting for.