Krissie Eberhart

This small town girl has the biggest heart! She recently moved away from a career in teaching first grade when she realized her heart was craving something new. Growing her passion in wellness and building relationships fitness was the perfect next step! Her journey into her amazing healthy lifestyle is beyond inspiring!

“I was always active growing up, then I got hit by the "Freshman 100 (actually)" haha! I got back into running 6 years ago and I fell in love with working towards something (whether that be a race, time, or distance). After a few marathons I decided that I wanted to change it up so I took on training for ironman. My recent love has become group fitness.”

When she’s not crushing her fitness goals she’s busy in the kitchen experimenting with anything in her pantry!

Current Goal: 20 push ups from my toes!
CRUSHED goal: Completing 2 Ironman competitions within 2 years (Ironman Canada & Ironman Texas)
Pump up song: Don Omar - Danza Kuduro

Instagram: @krissie_rockyourstride

Keep an eye out on the schedule for this ball of energy! Her classes will kick your ass!

Why Crushcamp?

THE HIGH FIVES OF COURSE! But... seriously! It is the community that made me fall in love. The amazing workout is just the biggest bonus! Coming from endurance sport, sometimes it can be a challenge to feel truly “worked” after an hour workout. Since discovering CrushCamp, this has no longer been a problem!
— Krissie E