krista ziemann

When talking about Krista, Supermom is an understatement. This mother of two beauties hustles both inside the training room and out. Truly loyal to her tribe, Krista shows care for every member of the wolfpack all the while making you do another set at your biggest challenge, with a huge smile on her face. But don’t get it twisted, Krista is one tough cookie - we mean, if she can survive being charged by an elephant while on a dirt bike in Sri Lanka, she can do anything. 

This fitness class junkie is constantly pushing herself out of her comfort zone and expects nothing less for you as she takes her experiences and injects the best into her meticulously planned, beat bumpin’, sweat drippin’ classes. 

Vibe: Dance and EDM.

Currently Crushing: There are a lot of goals I’m working on actually - one of the biggest ones though is being more organized, and simplifying my to do list.

And I quote: “Do your best”. It’s so simple, but so powerful.