Lauren Van Berkel

LVB was born and raised in Calgary, she entered the fitness world at a young age with competitive swimming. So when it was time to leave swimming behind she was grateful that her friends introduced her to spin. She quickly grew to love coaching and group fitness. Her main hustle is being the sales and marketing coordinator at a privately funded heavy equipment finance company and never is far away from an energy stone, using their energy for healing and cleansing. Come feel her energy in class, you’re in for a great time!

Current Goal: To become a strong enough runner to complete a half marathon
CRUSHED goal: Becoming a CrushCamp coach
Pump up song: Nice for what by Drake

Instagram: @loveebs

Find Lauren rocking out in class on the CrushCamp Schedule.

Why CrushCamp?

The community, clients and coaches alike, working to Crush their goals through support of the community!