leizanne ting

She's like peanut butter - smooth, sweet, but totally nuts. Don’t let Leizanne’s deltoids intimidate you, even though she’s dabbled in many ways to move, her fitness regime didn’t truly start until 2010 - when her aunt passed away of cancer. “I decided at that point to prioritize my health and wellness and set a goal of participating in a fitness competition. That experience created some much needed discipline in my life, and it has been a lifestyle change ever since.”

Leizanne’s playful energy is contagious, and her care for the wolfpack is unparalleled. This IT Web Analyst is also calculated in her training approach, “I want people to come out of class realizing that they are stronger than they give themselves credit for, and that you can have a fun time along the path to personal greatness. I also want people to learn something - whether it's about a new move, or about themselves.”

Vibe: 90's-2000's throwback jams, high-energy progressive EDM, house, Las Vegas pool party jams, and the occasional ratchet trap/rap

Currently Crushing: Deadlifting 3X my bodyweight and my personal training certification.

And I quote: "You can have it all. Just not all at once." -Oprah Winfrey