Coach + Personal Trainer

Coach + Personal Trainer


Lindsay Kulyk

This former cowgirl found fitness through a desire to improve they way she does the things she loves - stronger, without injury, and with neverending endurance. "I passionately pursue a deeper understanding and have completed a PFT diploma amongst other things to gain knowledge to be able to bring fitness to those around me and improve my own understanding."

When you're not training with this free spirit, you might find her on her next adventure in the mountains or on a surfboard. She brings this fearless energy to her classes, "I want everyone to overcome a challenge in each and every class. Reach a new peak! Whether that is simply walking through the door and lacing up their shoes, or running that extra mile, finding a new strength that wasn't there before."

Vibe: I am all over the place! Hip-hop, dance, rap, a little bit of everything!

Currently Crushing: I am working on coming back from an accident, so just getting my fitness and movement back and better than it was before.

And I quote: "If there is a will, there is a way."