Coach + Personal Trainer

Coach + Personal Trainer


Michelle Greaves

Hailing from the Isle of Man (FYI, that's one of the British Isles located off the northwest coast of England), this outgoing, laid-back dreamer got into fitness at an early age. â€œFox hunting was banned on the Isle of Man when I was young, so instead of chasing a fox, the hounds and huntsmen chased me! It was the most amazing way to get fit whilst exploring the lush and beautiful country I called home. Oh, and don't worry...they didn't try to eat me!". When she eventually stopped being chased through the countryside on the Isle of Man, Michelle turned to track and field, Rugby Union, and CrossFit to achieve her fitness goals.

This talented athlete has dedicated her life to helping others as a firefighter with the City of Calgary, and cites the process of getting her dream job as one of the things she's most proud of. "It took two rounds of applying and a total of four years to get onto the Fire Department. When I finally got accepted into the training program, I hustled every day to keep going. I wanted to be a firefighter more than anything and here I am. Going through that process and succeeding has instilled a whole new ambitious and fearless attitude in me.”

Prepare to leave Michelle's classes feeling inspired not only by her wealth of knowledge and determination, but by her insane eight pack as well. 

Vibe: Expect to hear a little bit of everything - old school R&B, hip hop, dance, top 40 pop, electronic, and dubstep.

Currently Crushing: I'm currently training to be in the best shape of my life so I can travel the world and compete in the most rad adventure races out there!

And I quote: "Helping one person might not change the world, but it can change the world for one person."