6 pm - thursdays -crushcamp mission

Always wanted to run with a group but felt nervous that you wouldn’t fit in - this is the group for you! Embarrassed that you’d be the last one, or get lost along the way - this is the group for you!

Welcome to the WolfPack Run Club. We start as a pack and finish as a pack...no one gets left behind.

This pace inclusive run group meets at 6pm each and every Thursday at the Mission CrushCamp location. We start each run with a stretch, some info on running, and an overview of the route before heading off for a 5-9km run. Each route is run for two weeks in a row before changing things up. Runs are guided by a Coach at the front of the Pack, and a Coach at the rear, ensuring that all participants are well supported.


Christine is active in the Calgary Running Community and can be found at many races! This year she is a 5 Peaks Trail Run Ambassador, Stampede Road Race Ambassador and Pacer, Run to the Taps Ambassador, Diva Half Marathon Pacer among others!