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You’ve tried it all. You’ve restricted calories, tracking them better than an accountant. You’ve attempted (and eventually failed) to resist the ever irresistible and “evil” carb. You’ve tried kombucha, turmeric lattes, shakes, pills, paleo, keto, only eating carbs after 10:13am, standing on your head while rubbing your belly and drinking your green smoothie through a compostable straw…you’ve tried it all and now you’re fed up.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! CrushCamp’s Nutrition program includes no gimmicks or expensive and exotic meal plans, and no counting calories. Just tangible, learned skills and habits, real-human coaches, and lasting results.


Powered by Precision Nutrition

At CrushCamp we know how powerful goals are and how little steps, and everyday actions, are the building blocks to achieving those goals. That’s why we’ve chosen Precision Nutrition’s Pro Coach as our weapon of choice!

Precision Nutrition is a research based nutrition and coaching company that has helped over 100,000 clients reach their goals and crush their self limitations. Nutrition coaching is based on not only science, but behaviours. What makes you tick, what makes you want to reach for a glass of wine instead of tea after a stressful day and what behaviours get you closer to your goals or further away.




Meet Christine, your leader in change and goal crushing!

I am a real life example of what over-working and under-moving can do to a body. Working 70+ hour weeks as a CPA, I had tried all sorts of diets and workouts, most of which I did like a crazy person for a week or two, then quit out of the frustration of not seeing results. Eventually I had a shift, a shift in mindset and seemingly just like that 30lbs started to melt away. I realized that losing weight, feeling better and living a healthy lifestyle wasn’t a quick fix or one time thing, it was an everyday choice. I left the world of Oil and Gas accounting and started pursuing things that fired me up. I knew that food was key, and registered for Precision Nutrition Level 1 to educate myself, as it was the most realistic and sustainable program I could find to learn healthy habits. Movement was also key, so I completed the Personal Training Specialist program with canfitpro to learn more about how to move my body better. I then started working with people, encouraging them to make small daily shifts in their movement and food, and the results were exciting! People were creating healthier, more efficient lives and positively impacting those around them. Precision Level 2 was a natural progression, and completing the program has given me a wealth of information and resources to share with others. I love the simplicity and accountability of the Precision Nutrition program, which is one of the biggest reasons why it works - nutrition habits that work for YOU are built into YOUR lifestyle. I’m looking forward to working with you to create your own sustainable, healthy lifestyle!

Monthly Memberships

All our nutrition memberships include:

Daily support and guidance powered by Pro Coach software
Bi-weekly one-on-one check-in with Coach Christine - either online or in-person
Online accountability and support community exclusive to CrushCamp Nutrition clients

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This program is a monthly commitment with the best results coming from a year commitment, after the year if you are not happy with your results there is a money back guarantee.


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