Paul McConkey

Paul made his way from Ireland and has certainly made his mark in Calgary. His fitness journey started playing football(soccer) back home in Ireland, branching out into all types of local sports. He always tried to keep active but never found the drive he needed until recently. The day he moved to Canada he decided to try being vegan and has learned to be very creative in the kitchen! Currently working as a Shift Leader in the Repsol centre the skill-mills and the style of classes drew him over to CrushCamp.

Current Goal: Travel to as many countries in Asia as possible.
CRUSHED goal: One of my goals while moving to Canada was to visit other countries on this side of the world. I just visited Panama and Costa Rica and I absolutely loved it!
Pump up song: All Day and Night - Jax Jones & Martin Solveig Present Europa (awesome name too)

Instagram: @apauloftheirishvariety

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