Rachael McIntosh

Coach Rachael has been competing in Track & Field in the Heptathlon for the last 10 years travelling and representing Canada around the world! What’s a Heptathlon you ask? “The Heptathlon is a combination of Hurdles, High Jump, Shot Put, 200m, Long Jump, Javelin & the 800m! I played every sport in high school, and ended up getting a full-scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh for the Heptathlon and my life forever changed!”

Although recently retired, you’ll still find her getting some sort of competition in at her 9-5 hustle as Marketing Coordinator at Calgary's coolest Indoor Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course INJANATION. Friends describe her as a loose cannon, but she describes herself as the perfect mixture of 50% lazy and 50% motivated.

“I want people who come to my class to be able to get a chance to motivate themselves. I want the things I say to spark their own curiosity "I bet I can do that" or "Today is going to be the day I try that" I want to guide and inspire people to create their own motivation! I hope that every class I teach at least one person looks in the mirror and thinks of something powerful from within themselves.”

Fun Fact about Rachael: She can correctly identify almost every flag in the world! She says she’s a little rusty, but an 80% accuracy is still way above average for the rest of us!

Vibe: I'll be the first to admit, I am not a music gal. My tunes will come from anywhere over the last 20 years, but one thing I can guarantee is they'll make you smile and they'll be uplifting. They'll be feel good songs, and motivating songs, that hopefully inspire you to occasionally even sing along! 

Currently Crushing: I am working towards identifying as someone other than "Rachael the track athlete". Trying to figure out your identity & purpose at 28 is intimidating, so it's a daily goal with no by-when attached.

And I Quote: "The journey is the reward."

I have it tattooed on my ribs. When you have an enormous goal (like the Olympics) some days nothing you've accomplished feels relevant or valuable. Some days you discount all of your success simply because you haven't reached your desired destination yet. I got this tattoo to remind me that every step, every friend, competition, injury, sponsorship, skill, inspired youth, personal best and lesson learned is worth more than the one final accomplishment I want to achieve. The tough part is you don't always get the rewards of your journey unless you consciously recognize them as rewards when they're happening.