Coach + Training Lead

Coach + Training Lead


Rachel Hall

Wrapped up in that small but mighty package is a powerhouse both in strength and smarts. This UofC Varsity wrestler lives and breathes health and wellness, and is coming to us from years of personal training and group fitness coaching. Rachel also doubles as our Training Lead bringing  such depth in knowledge to the table. Just like many of us, Rachel turned to cross training to supplement sport and ultimately feed her soul: “through injuries, mid terms and break ups working out was my go to stress reliever, I knew I wanted an excuse to be able to workout always.”

Known for sneakily (but safely) getting you to that next level, Rachel is all about concrete technique while cracking the odd joke or five. Count on walking out with a couple of personal bests and all of the high fives. 

Vibe: A good remix of the oldies but goodies. Something you can sing along to, groove to and of course sweat it out to.

Currently Crushing: Right now I am working on learning how to take care of myself, what are my limits, how much sleep do I need at night and what foods make me feel energetic? All questions I am taking the time to work out with the help of other professionals in my field, books and quiet time. 

And I quote: Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”