Coach + Communications Manager

Coach + Communications Manager


Steph aldon

Steph is no stranger to the fitness community, in fact it was through finding the variety, energy, and social aspect of group fitness that led her to being the coach that she is today. She's described by her friends as outgoing, witty, and the number one resource for restaurant recommendations. This efficient and hardworking 'Monica' (you've seen the TV show FRIENDS, right?) is always organizing trips and parties, is a colour-coded spreadsheet aficionado, and get this: she can solve a Rubik's Cube in under three minutes!

Steph sweats out her busy days in corporate Calgary, and keeps us in line as our Communications Manager. Her welcoming and approachable style will get you crushing those goals in no time. “I just want to give people the confidence in themselves to know that they can achieve anything – whether it be an extra 5 push ups, or increasing the speed on the SkillMill. I want to get people comfortable with the uncomfortable and lead by example.”

Vibe: Hip hop, reggaeton, old school – anything with a good bass that will get you hyped up and want to dance like you’re in the dopest club!

Currently Crushing: I’ve got some big changes coming up for me in the future for my career and life that I’m super excited for! Just focusing on that while continuously working on self growth.

And I quote: “Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now.” This quote totally applies to everything! It's a great reminder to remember your goals and most importantly, your worth!