Talal Sadek

Meet Talal – engineer by day, regular attendee at Calgary Comic Con, and self-described shy guy. But once you get to know him he’s actually quite the opposite, someone who doesn’t take things too seriously in all aspects of his life and just enjoys! Which is probably why his friends say he thinks he’s quite funnier than what he actually is: “I’m always laughing at my own jokes (which is not necessarily always a good thing!)”

Over the last few years, it's been his goal to really get out of his comfort zone and be able to be in front of a room of people and take charge. He first got into fitness by teaching spin to get over his fear of public speaking. Now as a CrushCamp Coach, teaching classes has allowed him to overcome this. “Coming to CrushCamp and teaching classes has become a highlight of my week!”

Expect one hell of a workout, great tunes, and some nerdy jokes from this instructor during his classes!

Vibe: I’m a big fan of remixes: jazz, indie and hip-hop. Anything LOUD.  I like to blast the music as loud as it goes. When I work out, music plays a huge role and gives me that extra push, so I try and incorporate that into my class!

Currently Crushing: Working toward a goal of running a half marathon this summer.

And I Quote: "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney