taylor andreas

Bubbly + playful + full of energy = Taylor. That lethal combination makes for one fun sweat session when your in Taylor’s hands. While many people strive to find fitness, Taylor’s journey is quite unique. “I was always active as a kid and tried literally every sport. I was a gymnast, a soccer player and even a synchronized swimmer! During high school and the years following I wasn’t doing anything, I was really unhealthy and treating my body badly. I started practicing yoga and realized that movement and activity were the only things truly making me happy. From there I found other ways to challenge my body through fitness and now it’s my job!”. You can count on holding a smile (even through the pain) in Taylor’s classes as she’s known to throw down a killer dad joke from time to time.

Vibe: When I’m working out I like to listen to upbeat dancey music to get us in the mood to move! I love a good indie remix!

Currently Crushing: My current goal is to progress in the fitness industry. Teach more classes and vary my skill set and coaching style. I’m saving up to do my yoga teacher training in September of 2018.

And I quote: “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better”