Front of House Manager

Front of House Manager


travis anderson

Meet Travis - the CrushCamp gatekeeper. He’s honest, reliable, genuine, and funny, and would probably survive for a long time in a horror movie. When he isn’t providing awesome service to our Campers or helping the rest of the team stay on task, Travis can be found working as a coordinator at a hair salon (which might be why his hair always looks so good?!).

Travis is a self-proclaimed nerd, and spends a lot of his free time playing Settlers of Catan, catching Pokemon, and watching Star Trek reruns on Netflix. He’s big on following the rules, which is definitely why there’s no doubt we’d fall apart without him. His professionalism, positive attitude, amazing work ethic, and incredible attention to detail are truly the glue that keeps the Wolfpack together.

His favourite way to Crush it? “Circuit Crush! It’s fast paced with little breaks…you quickly become a sweaty mess then it’s over.”

Currently Crushing: I’m working on self-improvement, and finding the balance in life between work, health, and fun.

And I quote: “Feeling nervous is just the excitement of a new challenge.” It’s a reminder that feeling scared is normal and just a side effect of something new and great happening.