We believe in crushing it - crushing goals, crushing obstacles, and crushing negativity. We believe in the strength of community, the strength of deep connections and, of course, the strength in abs.

CrushCamp is a bad ass fitness studio full of radical souls who are looking to transform their lives through powerful workouts. We believe that through creating a positive workout environment, you will truly leave the studio a better person than when you walked in. We believe in you…you might even say we have a crush on you.

Come crush it with us.




What others are saying

Crush Camp is AMAZING! I’ve had nothing but a great experience each and every time I’ve gone. The workouts are challenging, fun, and always different. The instructors are all so wonderful! There is a strong community feel to the space rather than it just a place to work out. Highly recommend!
— Ashleigh F, via Google
LOVE LOVE LOVE !! I can’t say enough great things about the workout but what makes CrushCamp different from the rest is the solid community they have. Even as a new studio, the staff is so welcoming and immediately make you feel comfortable and like you as a client are part of the team. If you are new to the community, the staff will introduce you to regulars who become your friends. It’s a place where everybody knows and supports each other. This is something that if you find, you hold on to it and never let it go!
— Leah K, via Google


As lone wolves, we are strong. As a pack, we are unstoppable. Check out what our community is up to.