Got questions?

Here’s a list of those frequently asked:


  • What is CrushCamp?

Our signature CrushCamp class is a 50-minute HIIT workout designed to provide a super-effective, full-body, strength-and-cardio workout, and leave your body in the "afterburn" effect for 24-48 hours afterward. Our Head Coach Rachel oversees all of the programming and our team creates every workout in-house. Read a detailed description of the CrushCamp workout on our overview page here.


  • So are all the classes the same?

We believe in doing one thing, and doing it REALLY well. So while all of our group classes are full-body workouts incorporating the SKILLMILL, no two classes will ever be the same. We offer focus classes to prevent overuse and injury (Monday = Lower Body, Tuesday = Upper Body, Wednesday = Core), a Circuit class that incorporates TRX, Bosu, and other fun equipment, a Crush + Restore class that ends with rolling and mobility, and CrushCamp 101 as our "Back to Basics" class. We also periodically offer specialized classes (like our Race Training Series) and Small Group Training and are always adding to and expanding our schedule - so stay tuned! And check out our current schedule here.

  • What's a SKILLMILL and where did it come from?

CrushCamp is proud to be the first studio in Canada to offer group training on the SkillMill: a curved, non-motorized treadmill designed to train Olympic athletes. We love it for the reduced impact to your joints, the versatility of the movements, and ability to train lateral and posterior muscles in a way that does't even COMPARE to regular treadmills. Honestly, it'll ruin you for other treadmills. You can learn more about the SkillMill here

  • I hate running/can't run due to injury. Can I still take your class?

Don't knock it till you try it! Here are 3 reasons why we love the SkillMill:
1- Your feet control the speed on our SkillMill treadmills, meaning you will never feel like the machine is moving too fast for you.
2- The curvature is designed to greatly reduce impact and encourage proper running form, at any speed.
3 - The resistance lever allows you to control the speed you pick up, so it's totally fine to come and walk with a resistance or slowly progress to an easy jog that is safe and comfortable for you.

  • How do I book a class, and when do class bookings open?

The easiest way to book a class is through the MindBody app or on our website. Classes open for booking at midnight 7 days before the class.

  • How many classes should I attend per week?

This is really up to you, your current fitness level, your schedule, and your goals. We recommend a minimum of 2-3 classes per week to gain confidence on the SKILLMILL and see your maximum speed, power, and strength increase. Some athletes find they can come as often as 5-6 classes per week, and then take 1-2 days recovery. The most important thing? Listen to your body. Our classes are intense and designed to challenge you - so if you wake up feeling super sore or fatigued, take the opportunity to go for a walk and stretch, and hop in Camp the next day.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

Our classes are small and frequently waitlisted, so make sure you cancel at least 12 hours in advance to prevent a late cancel fee. You can view all of our policies here

  • Do you offer Personal Training? Nutrition? Other services?

You bet! That smaller studio is our little workshop where we provide singles, doubles, small group, and nutrition counselling. Our Members get 10% off all services! You can learn more and book a complimentary consultation here.


  • Who started CrushCamp? Is it a franchise?

CrushCamp was founded by Emily Slaneff in December 2017 because she was looking for a balanced, full-body workout that would keep her motivated and provide awesome results. We are proud to be locally-owned and bringing something totally unique to Calgary! You can read her story here.

  • Who will be instructing my class?

We are VERY proud of the fact that every single one of our Coaches is certified by either AFLCA, CanFitPro, or a university in proper biomechanics, anatomy, and cueing, to ensure the movements you are doing in our classes are done safely and with good technique, in addition to completing our lengthy training program. Besides that, on our team we have a chiropractor, engineer, mom, and firefighter, all working toward their own goals. You can get to know the team here.

  • Do you offer showers/amenities/towels/space to freshen up?

Space and access laws will not allow us to add showers - but we are strong proponents of dry shampoo! Amenities will include: lockers, change rooms and a drybar to freshen up at.

  • Where are you located? Is there parking?

CrushCamp is located at 313 17th AVE SW in the space formerly occupied by Studio Revolution. We have limited free parking for our clients out back, or street parking in the bordering neighbourhoods when those spaces are filled. Check out a map here

  • I have an awesome idea - how do I collaborate with CrushCamp?

We are always looking to collaborate with like-minded business locals. For ideas and collaborations, e-mail

  • How can I join the CrushCamp team?

First and most importantly, come try out a few classes and introduce yourself! Check out our current team openings here.


  • What are your membership options?

First-timer? Our Intro Offer gives you 30 days to try as many classes and instructors as you want! After that, we offer 3 unique memberships designed to fit your lifestyle: the Beta gives you 4 classes per month, or about one class per week, and is ideal for those just getting back into working out, or who have very unpredictable schedules. The Alpha membership is our most popular and provides 8 classes per month, plus the option to add additional classes for $15 each. The Omega is our unlimited membership, and ideal for someone who can get in 4 or more classes per week. You can check out all the options here.

  • What else do I get with my membership?

We love our Wolfpack the most! (shhh). So we're giving you 10% off all Personal Training packages, a buddy pass to bring a friend each month, a monthly one-on-one 15-minute goal consultation, 25% off CrushCamp merch, and two courtesy late cancels per month, because life happens.

  • Why are you guys membership focused?

Because we want to see you succeed! How many things have you stopped and started? Or tried once and then bailed because it "didn't work"? How many Sunday's have you gone to bed telling yourself this week will be different? We promise that even if you can commit to TWO classes per week for 3 months, you will see and feel real change. 

  • What if I go out of town or have to move? Can I pause or stop my membership?

We get that life gets crazy, and that's why we're making our options super simple. If you are going on vacation or dealing with an injury or illness, you can suspend your membership for a total of up to 30 days in one year. Need to end your membership? We ask for 30 days' written notice.

  • What are other options in addition to membership?

We do still have a 10-class pack or single drop-ins available, because we know that sometimes life is just too unpredictable to commit to anything. Check out all the options on our website, or drop us a line if you need any help to find the best fit for your goals, schedule and needs.

Have more questions we didn’t cover here? We’re not afraid, hit us with your best shot!