Want to be part of the rockstar CrushCamp team? Here are a few things you should know:

  1. Our Core Values of POSITIVITY, GROWTH, and COMMUNITY are SUPER important to us, and our team members must be able to embody these values.

  2. We also really believe in the power of goals - and will ask you for yours! Check out the goal hallway in the studio to learn more about our team.

  3. Want to Coach at CrushCamp? All of our instructors require at minimum a group fitness certification through AFLCA, CanFitPro, or similar, including valid CPR/First Aid and Insurance. Still working on that? Come out to our classes, get to know our Coaches and class formats, join our Ambassador/Karma team, and become part of our community!

  4. Make sure you come to at least one class before applying. And introduce yourself! How do you know you want to be part of our team if we haven't even met?

  5. Don't see the opportunity you are looking for? Come out to classes and introduce yourself anyway! Get to know us, then fill out the form below so we can get to know you, and you'll be top of mind when an opportunity opens up!


current opportunities

P/T Member Success Manager (Front Desk)

CrushCamp Coach

Personal Trainer

Studio Ambassador



Want to be part of the CrushCamp team? We are ALWAYS looking for fantastic people to join our team - so get out to class, and fill out the form below! When we have the perfect opportunity for you, you’ll be the first one we call.

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