MARCH 4 - MAY 27, 2019


This is not your ordinary challenge.
The Wolf Pact is a commitment made to yourself, and to your friends in sweat.
A commitment to show up, to cheer each other on, and to inspire each other.
A commitment to set real goals for yourself, and to celebrate real success.
A commitment to step outside your comfort zone.
12 weeks to transform your life.
Are you ready for real transformation?

At first glance, you see challenge and you think, “Cool – I get to try and hit as many workouts as possible in the next 6 weeks.” But my Wolf Pact, as we all know, this was soooooo much more than a simple workout challenge.
— Amy, Wolf Pact 2018 Finisher



Sometimes, we just need a little bit more support in reaching our goals. Many of us go through the motions of daily life, showing up to work, trying to eat “pretty well”, getting in our workouts, but are held back from our truest potential by ourselves. Maybe it’s too hard. Maybe we don’t have the self-discipline. Maybe we aren’t sure where to start, or what we should be aiming for.

The Wolf Pact Transformation Challenge was designed for people who have serious goals, and who are serious about accomplishing them. Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve your strength, or increase your speed and endurance, we will support you with resources, community, and accountability.


Accountability is the #1 missing component of most fitness programs, and the #1 reason why most people fail. We aren’t going to let that happen this time. We’re building our own accountability community.


We will help you to set tangible, achievable Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset goals - daily habits that will improve your life and health. You will measure your success through biometric analysis, fitness testing, mindset check-ins, and photos.

It will not be easy

You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone - physically and mentally. You will be required to open up to your Coach and your team about your goals, which won’t be easy for everyone. You will need to share photos, and ideas, and participate in conversation.




  • When you register for the challenge, you will receive instructions to book your BioScan and fitness testing, submit your goals and photos to your Coach, and join the private challenge Facebook group

  • Earn badges for attending classes, bringing friends, sharing goals, completing fitness challenges, and more. Collect 20 badges by May 27 for a chance to WIN!

  • Complete before and after biometric scanning with BioScan Canada and fitness testing to measure your own success

  • Grand prize winner will be selected based on overall improvement, completion of badges, and commitment to the community


Your registration includes the following:

  • Two biometric scans from BioScan Canada (already have one scan? Let us know and we will adjust the price)

  • 12 weeks of habit-based group nutrition coaching and accountability

  • A complimentary goal consultation with a CrushCamp Coach

  • Eligibility for the Grand Prize, completion prizes, and door prizes

  • Option for Alpha/Beta members: “Top up” your membership with an additional 11 classes for $150

  • Price for Beta/Alpha/Omega members: $115 ($75 if you already have a BioScan you want to use as your starting point)

  • Price for non-members: $865 - includes 3-month unlimited membership. Want to learn more about membership? Contact our team for more details.

Overall I want to thank everyone who went through the challenge, partnered up with me, and pushed each and every one of us to be the best that we can be. I can’t wait for the next challenge!
— Evan, Wolf Pact 2018 Finisher


Complete the badge, and earn a gold sticker! Complete 20 badges before May 27 for a chance to win the grand prize!

  1. Register for the challenge! Purchase your buy-in, post your Polaroid, and join the private Facebook group

  2. Complete the Gold Wolf fitness test, and submit your results to the front desk

  3. Submit your BioScan results, goals, and photos via the online form

  4. Share 3 goals for the next 12 weeks in the private Facebook group: Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle

  5. Knowledge is power - log your total intake for 3 days, and share what you learned!

  6. Go to an instructor's class you've never tried before

  7. 4 weeks in - how are those goals going? Share an update on the Facebook group!

  8. Grab a friend and come out to the Wolfpack Run Club

  9. Support a fellow challenger with a “You’re Crushing it” postcard or by cheering them on in Facebook!

  10. Attend 15 classes since March 4

  11. How are the gains going? Share a new protein-rich recipe

  12. Practice self-love - attend a Crush + Restore or Rollax class

  13. Plan a sweat date with someone else from the challenge (who you didn’t know before!) - and post a sweaty selfie to the Facebook group)

  14. 8 weeks in! How are you doing with your goals, and what roadblocks have you encountered? Check in on Facebook!

  15. Attend 35 CrushCamp classes since March 4

  16. Share one habit that you are going to continue with beyond this challenge - and why.

  17. Go play outside! Share a photo on social media of getting active out in the community. Use the hashtag #wolfpact #getoutside

  18. Complete the Gold Wolf fitness test (Round 2), and submit your results to the front desk

  19. Upload your final BioScan scores and photos via the online form

  20. Final check-in! Share your success with the #CRUSHEDIT chalkboard!

BONUS BADGES: Can't complete a badge? There will be 5 bonus badges announced throughout the challenge to help you get to 20 - keep your eyes on social media and your email for the details!


  • Earlybird registration opens for past finishers: Monday, February 11

  • Registration open: Wednesday, February 13

  • Challenge Kickoff Party: Friday, March 1 @ 5:30

  • Challenge begins: Monday, March 4

  • BioScan Round 1: March 9-11

  • Member Mingle/Mid-way Challenge Class: April 5 @ 5:30

  • BioScan Round 2: May 24-27

  • Final day to collect badges: Monday, May 27

  • Wrap-up party: Saturday, June 1


Seriously, who truly would have thought that this 6 weeks would bring together new & old friends this way?! I definitely did not expect this at all. You all inspire me to keep pushing, keep challenging, and to keep holding myself accountable. Not just in our classes, but in more facets of my life. I look at what we have all achieved & the knowledge we have each gained about ourselves & I want to truly thank Emily and everyone at Crush Camp from the bottom of my heart for such a cool experience!

12/10 would do again!
— Allison, Wolf Pact 2018 Finisher


12 weeks? Social media? Sharing results? My name on a board? This seems hard. 

You know that saying "if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you"? Well, it's true. This isn't going to be easy. And it's not for everyone. But if you are done with quitting on resolutions after 3 weeks, if you are someone who appreciates a little accountability, and if you looking to make real, meaningful changes in your life, then let's do this.

I don’t have/don’t want to use Facebook. Can I still participate?

This challenge is all about supporting your team mates and the power of community to create accountability. Facebook is the most accessible platform to allow that community with no additional cost to you, so in order to be eligible to complete the challenge and win the prizes, you will have to participate. It’s super easy to create a free profile - we can help if you don’t know how!

What if I can't start March 4, or have vacation planned?

The entire purpose of this challenge is to create sustainable life habits and community that will support you through life - that includes all-inclusive vacations, wine-filled weekends, parties, illness, and work crunch times. The badges can be completed in under 6 weeks, so even if you are joining late or have to take time off, you can catch up. Missing a scan or fitness test date? No problem - you can catch up with Bonus Badges. If you want to, you can absolutely be successful with this challenge - even with the little curveballs life throws.

I’m not a CrushCamp member - can I still participate?

You bet! If you are not yet a member, you have two options:

  1. The price for non-members is $865, and includes 3 months of unlimited CrushCamp classes.

  2. Prefer to pay in monthly instalments, or select a lower-priced package? Become an Alpha (8-classes/month) or Omega (Unlimited) member - the minimum commitment is only 3 months and you may be eligible to save up to $200 versus the non-member rate. Contact our team to learn about membership options!

What is biometric scanning, and how does it work?

Biometric scanning is the most effective way to understand your body composition (percentage of muscle mass, fat mass, mineral, and water content). By completing two scans at least 6 weeks apart, you will be able to measure your success far more accurately than with a scale or measuring tape. The scan is completed by standing on two metal pads barefoot and fully clothed while a small electrical current passes through your body. Your scan appointment will be 15 minutes long and include a personal explanation with recommendations from a licensed and trained technician. Learn more about BioScan here.

I don't want to do the biometric scanning. Can I still participate?

This challenge is about transformation and seeing the real, tangible results of your hard work! Every body is different and shows results differently - that is why we combine biometric analysis, fitness testing, mindset check-ins, and photos to help you see your progress and the results of your hard work! In order to earn all your badges and be eligible for prizes, you will have to complete all of the metrics.

How is the grand prize winner determined?

The grand prize winner will be selected by the Challenge Leaders based on overall improvement (body composition, strength, and endurance will all be measured), completion of 20+ badges, and commitment to the Pack! You will have to complete 2 BioScans, 2 rounds of fitness testing, and upload your final scores and photos to be eligible for the grand prize.

Are my photos and results going to be made public?

We will never share anything outside of our private challenge group without your permission.

Do I have to be at the wrap-up party to win?

No, the Grand Prize winner will be announced in-studio and via email the week of May 27. But there will be other prizes available to win at the party!

Other questions? Send us an email.


  • Because we believe in you.

  • Because a little accountability is key to accomplishing our goals.

  • Because everyone starts somewhere, and you can be an inspiration.

  • Because 30 days just isn't enough to see real tangible changes.

  • Because we believe in a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle that can be achieved without burnout or overuse.

  • Because together, we are strong. But as a pack, we are unstoppable.

I’m happy with my scan results and I’m ecstatic that I’m getting stronger and seeing changes in my body, but more than anything I am so proud of the hard work I’ve put in and the confidence I feel now. Not just when I walk into that dark room I was so intimidated by not long ago, but in everything I do now. This challenge has given me the boost I needed and the encouragement to keep going and work even harder.
For me, it was a stepping stone to much more ahead.
I’m so thankful for everyone that was a part of this challenge and all the high fives, woohoo’s and cheers. It’s been said a ton of times already, and I say it again- this wasn’t just about the hard work we all put in, it’s the community we’ve built. So happy to be a part of this community!
— Tonya, Wolf Pact 2018 Finisher
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