This is not your ordinary challenge.

The Wolf Pact is a commitment made to yourself, and to your friends in sweat.
A commitment to show up, to cheer each other on, and to inspire each other.
A commitment to set real goals for yourself, and to celebrate real success.
A commitment to step outside your comfort zone.
60 days to transform your life. 


  • Earn badges for attending classes, bringing friends, sharing goals, completing fitness challenges, and more
  • Collect 20 badges by March 16 to be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE: a 6-month unlimited membership!
  • Complete before and after biometric scanning with BioScan Canada and fitness testing to measure your own success
  • Challenge is active January 15 - March 16, but you can JOIN ANYTIME and catch up!
  • Cost: $90 for two Biometric scans, plus the class package of your choice


Complete the badge, and earn a gold sticker! Complete 20 badges in 30 days for a chance to win a 6 month unlimited membership!

  1. Register for the challenge using the form below

  2. BioScan Body Composition Assessment #1

  3. Share a goal for for the next 60 days on Instagram with the hashtag #wolfpact

  4. Bring a friend for a free class - Round 1

  5. Complete the ‘Blue Wolf’ Fitness Test and record your results

  6. Attend 10 CrushCamp classes during the challenge

  7. Book and complete a 15-minute goal consultation with a Coach

  8. Try a new healthy recipe. Share a photo on Instagram #wolfpact

  9. Go to an instructor's class you've never tried before

  10. Bring a friend for a free class - Round 2

  11. Share a personal success or point of pride #wolfpact

  12. Practice self-love - get a massage, try a restorative class, or take a bubble bath
  13. Sign up for the Beta, Alpha, or Omega membership

  14. Go play outside! Share a photo on social media of getting active out in the community. Use the hashtag #wolfpact 

  15. Attend 20 CrushCamp classes during the challenge

  16. Share a selfie with Apollo #wolfpact

  17. Bring a friend for a free class - Round 3

  18. Complete the ‘Blue Wolf’ Fitness Test and record your results

  19. BioScan Body Composition Assessment #2

  20. Celebrate your success on Instagram! #wolfpact

BONUS BADGES: Can't complete a badge? There will be 5 bonus badges announced throughout the challenge to help you get to 20 - keep your eyes on social media and your email for the details!

BONUS BADGE #1: Post a review on MindBody, Facebook, or Google
BONUS BADGE #2: Try a Crush + Restore class
BONUS BADGE #3: Take a class before 9am
BONUS BADGE #4: Complete a random act of kindness
BONUS BADGE #5: Give a "you're crushing it" postcard to someone

Full details on the individual badges can be found here.


60 days? Social media? My name on a board? This seems hard. 

You know that saying "if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you"? Well, it's true. This isn't going to be easy. And it's not for everyone. But if you are done with quitting on resolutions after 3 weeks, if you are someone who appreciates a little accountability, and if you looking to make real, meaningful changes in your life, then let's do this.

What if I can't start January 15, or have vacation planned?

The badges can be completed in under a month, so even if you are joining late or have to take time off, you can catch up. Missing a scan or fitness test date? No problem - you can catch up with Bonus Badges.

What is biometric scanning, and how does it work?

Biometric scanning is the most effective way to understand your body composition (percentage of muscle mass, fat mass, mineral, and water content). By completing two scans at least 6 weeks apart, you will be able to measure your success far more accurately than with a scale or measuring tape. The scan is completed by standing on two metal pads barefoot and fully clothed while a small electrical current passes through your body. Your scan appointment will be 15 minutes long and include a personal explanation with recommendations from a licensed and trained technician. Learn more about BioScan here.

I don't want to do the biometric scanning. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. You will miss out on the scan badges, but you can catch up with the Bonus badges. With that said, we highly recommend completing at least one scan to give you a quantifiable picture of your own health, so that you can set tangible goals.


  • Because we believe in you.
  • Because a little accountability is key to accomplishing our goals.
  • Because everyone starts somewhere, and you can be an inspiration.
  • Because 30 days just isn't enough to see real tangible changes.
  • Because we believe in a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle that can be achieved without burnout or overuse.
  • Because together, we are strong. But as a pack, we are unstoppable.


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