At CrushCamp, we do things a little differently. We like to call ourselves a “goal studio with a fitness problem”. Our classes are small, our community is tight, and we throw out high fives like confetti. We share our goals, we post them on our walls, and we celebrate them when they are smashed. Because we believe in the power of goals to transform lives. We call it “Training for the high-performance lifestyle”.

Our “Wolfpack” is made up of some of the most inspiring people we have ever met, and we are always welcoming new members to run with us. All are welcome - no matter your fitness level, age, gender, or starting point. All we ask is that you open yourself to your own potential for growth, and in turn are willing to raise those around you.

Are you ready? Fill out the form below so we can schedule your complimentary goal consultation and set you up with our Introductory Offer - 30 days of classes for $75.

As lone wolves, we are strong. As a pack, we are unstoppable.

Lace up your sneakers, and come run with us.


Just a little note of clarification: This limited-time East Village Launch offer is available to all non-members, even if you have previously been to CrushCamp or purchased a different Intro Offer. But you can only buy this one once. Because that’s how Intro Offers work. Also memberships and Intro Offers will work at both studio locations, but August ain’t no time to kick off a training program, so DO IT NOW (that was the kick in the pants you’ve been waiting for). Have another question we didn’t just answer? Send an email to, or just fill out the form below so we can actually chat in person, which tends to be way easier anyway. Oh and one last thing - have an amazing day. - C

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