Leaders of the Pack: Mini challenges, mini goals, and how they all ladder up to the bigger challenge


At Crush Camp we love to celebrate the big and little wins, leaders in class and in the community, crushing PB's and crushing goals! You may have noticed the leader board in the studio - "What's this?!" you might ask "And how the heck do I get MY name up there?!" Simple, throughout the month you'll have several opportunities to challenge your fellow campers, but more importantly challenge yourself. With a tangible number to strive for it can help you set your intention for class and gives you something to work toward, all 55 minutes! The best part is, we're all behind you cheering each other on. As a studio we are here to not only set but CRUSH goals. Here’s what’s going on this month…

Challenge #1: Get up to get down - cardiovascular endurance
Challenge #2: AMRAP’ed - bodyweight endurance and efficiency
Challenge #3: No Guts, No Glory - speedwork and power
Challenge #4: Doggy bag (no reps left behind!) - weighted strength and endurance

Spoiler alert: next month, we’re all going to be on the leader board.

Want some help setting goals and making a plan? click here to Join emily for a goal workshop on september 29!