What to eat before and after a HIIT workout

You've booked your class at CrushCamp. and are looking forward to having a great workout...your shoes, clothes and water bottle are packed and ready to go, but is your body? 

Proper hydration and nutrition are key to having a successful and sustainable workout routine. Practically speaking, this means making sure that the day prior, and the day of your workout, enough water is being consumed. Water is used by all cells in the body to help regulate temperature as well as transport nutrients. Water also lubricates joints which helps your body to achieve peak performance. Adding slices of fruit, or lemon juice to your water can add some flavour, as well as provide trace vitamins!

Energy is needed to keep your body going! The body takes energy in the form of calories, or more simply put, from the food we eat. Carbohydrates are vital for providing energy to your brain and for maintaining blood glucose during exercise, and helps to restore muscle glycogen during rest and recovery. Fats are key for nutrient absorption, hormone production and help support cell growth. Last, but certainly not least is protein. Protein builds and repairs tissue (think MUSCLES!) and is a key building block for bones, cartilage, skin and blood. 

Okay, that's a lot of information! What about eating before class though??? Having something to eat about an hour before class will help to maintain energy levels which could allow you to lift heavier weights and run faster for longer! Some fan favourites include a banana, peanut butter on toast, or a granola bar. The key is to have something with carbs (easily converted into usable energy) that isn't too fiberous, that feels good in your stomach! 

After class, be sure to replenish your body! Drinking water is great - feel free to add an electrolyte such as nuun or Ultima to help your body better absorb water and replace minerals lost through sweat. This is also a great time for some protein - packing a protein powder in your bag is a quick and easy way to get some nutrients in while providing fuel to help your body repair and build muscle. 

Want more nutrition advice? Feel free to book a complimentary 15 minute Goal Consultation to chat with one of our in-house nutrition specialists!

To get more detailed information, visit  Precision Nutrition

To get more detailed information, visit Precision Nutrition

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