Wolf Pact Challenge Week 2 | The “HOW” To Your Goals

Rachel Hall, Director of Training

Rachel Hall, Director of Training

Goals give you a long term vision with a short term focus.

Without something specific to strive towards, everyday just becomes another in a string of days leading to... what? Without a plan in place to reach a goal, it is easy to become distracted, discouraged and disinterested on what can feel like an impossible feat. 

Last week, we had you sit down to get a little more serious and concrete with your goals. Now that you have defined the WHY and the WHAT, let’s talk about the HOW. 

How are you going to lead up to your goal being accomplished in a few weeks, months, or years? What resources do you have? How much time do you need? What new habits do you need to practice? Let’s look at an example of a common goal many of you may have and work through your HOW!

Example Goal: My goal is to lose 5 lbs of muscle fat in 6 weeks.

How will i do that? I will:

  • Add a protein source to each meal to keep me staying full longer

  • Limit my sugary snacks by ensuring I have healthy snacks on hand

  • Wait 20 minutes after finishing my meal then deciding if I need more food


Once you have determined a few habits to start integrating into daily life, look at them realistically and decide how often you can complete them and with what certainty.

  • I’m usually running out the door and don’t have time to think of what to have for protein at breakfast.

  • It’s hard to say no at work when there are so many treats available after meetings and I get hungry. The temptation is there to snack on free food.

  • Waiting 20 minutes after finishing my meal is tough. Right away I usually top off a meal with a sweet dessert.

Breaking it down

Let’s come back to the drawing board with the resources you have and break it down.

  • I can make a batch of hard boiled eggs on Sunday and put it in a drawer in my fridge along with yogurt cups for a quick grab protein breakfast.

  • I can store almonds at my desk and pre-make protein balls to keep at work to snack on so I will always have something healthy to choose instead of pastries.

  • Can I commit to waiting 5 minutes after each meal? Yes, that’s easy I’ll do the dishes in the meantime, I am 100% confident I can do that. Next week I’ll try 10 minutes, 15 the next, etc.


You should be 90-100% sure you can accomplish these smaller milestones each day. If not they can become overwhelming and unsustainable. So take it slow and break it down! Choose no more than 3 daily habits that will help you achieve your goals, and write them everywhere - on your bathroom mirror, on a post-it beside your bed, in your planner, in a Notes app or habit tracker app like Done.

Looking for proof that daily habits can change your life? Check out this podcast - consider yourself inspired.