Camper Spotlight: How Jenn changed her mindset, her body, and her future

Jenn first started training with Rachel in December 2017 and took her first class in October 2018. Over the past 1.5 years, we have absolutely seen her transform - not just physically but in terms of mindset, confidence and overall energy. In the spring 2019 Wolf Pact Transformation Challenge she was one of the only people to collect EVERY single badge, completing 35 classes in 12 weeks, and saw the results to prove it! Here’s a note from her trainer Rachel:

I can’t say that Jenn necessarily “loves” our sessions together...but what I can say is that from day one she has never given up. Jen is someone who works hard for exactly what she wants, she came to me a year ago with a goal in  mind and has not stopped working her butt off to achieve it! Every PT session, every class and every challenge Jen signs up for, she shows up ready to work and take that next step towards crushing her goal. I am so proud of how far she has come and even more excited to see where she is going!

-Rachel, Head Coach and Personal Trainer


Before coming to Crush Camp how did you feel? (energy, emotion, confidence, relationships, etc)

Before coming to Crush Camp I was in a bit of a slump. I had been good in the past at working out, however, I had gotten out of the habit and had no motivation to get moving on a regular basis. It had been about a year and a half since I had made any significant contributions to my fitness. I felt I had no energy and was disappointed with my fitness level. Running up the stairs winded me and I did not like my body at all.

What fears held you back from making change before?

Mostly a fear of failure. That initial first step into the gym is the hardest. I worried about being judged, or not being able to keep up. It doesn't matter how old you are, you always fall back to old insecurities, gym class as a kid was the worst. I remember trying to do the Canadian fitness test and failing miserably. Unfortunately I never had a positive relationship with exercise. In most areas of life I am fairly successful, this was one area where I was not.

Why did you specifically choose to come to Crush Camp?

I knew I needed support. I wanted to work with a personal trainer. So I googled trainers in Calgary, and Crush Camp came up. I booked an interview with a few different trainers, and went for some meet and greets. I had a chance to meet with Rachel before the holidays. I felt comfortable with her. I liked that she was about lifestyle. And was positive, she didn't make me feel bad about myself.

What kind of compliments do you receive now you have begun your fitness journey?

People have complimented me on my dedication to exercise. I've had a few friends who have begun to make their own commitment to exercise and have said I have been their inspiration. That was probably the best compliment.

How have your relationships or interactions (at work, with family, friends, etc) changed?

I am way better at managing stress. Working out forces me out of work at the end of the day and for 1 hour I'm not making any decisions or problem solving. It's total me time, where I am focused on
endurance and strength building. Sometimes if I have had a frustrating day it's an outlet to let out pent out frustrations. If i work out in the morning, I feel proud of myself for starting my day off with self love. I love going home in the evening, knowing I did something good for myself.

What do you see now when you look in the mirror?


Me! I see more of the person I want to be. Beforehand I wasn't a big fan of looking in the mirror But spending a year working with my body has helped me develop a new relationship with it. I am beginning to see muscle develop in my arms and my waist narrowing in. I like seeing the muscle definition starting in my legs.

What has been the greatest benefit, area of growth or goal you have achieved since coming to Crush Camp?

Learning to trust myself. I am not an athlete, and have fears that I won't be able to lift that weight, or my body will fail me. But now I am beginning to have faith that I am strong, and that maybe I can push myself a little further. And I love that when I flex my arms I feel muscle there!

What is most different about your life now?

Exercise is a regular part of my week. I am beginning to enjoy it and if I don't go I notice things like not sleeping well, or feeling more sluggish. Little things that make a big difference, like when the driveway needs shovelling, it takes minutes and little effort, or running up the stairs to grab that one item you forgot doesn't make you winded. I feel my body is stronger overall. Even when I got sick a few weeks back, my recovery time was way faster. On weekends and evenings it's no big deal to take Piper [my dog] out for a 5 km walk, in the past a 5 k would have me achy all over and exhausted. Now it's our regular route.

What has been your favourite part of being apart of the Crush Camp community?

I think just the fact that it is a community. Everyone there, from the trainers, to Travis make the effort to get to know you. Other gyms it can be impersonal, but at Crush they go out of their way to make you feel a part of the community. The atmosphere is full of positivity. It is a place with no judgement. Everyone is so supportive. It's a fun place to be.

Why is Crush Camp the right choice for you?

The classes are a challenge for me. However, I can work at my own pace. I need the accountability of an instructor or trainer pushing me to the next level. Left to my own devices, I will slow to a stroll or always choose the lightest weight. At CrushCamp the instructor get to know you and monitor you and if they see you not working to your ability they will hand you that heavier weight or push you to go that much faster. When you want to cheat yourself they won't let you, and more and more I don't want to cheat myself...except burpees, I will always find a way to cheat out on burpees!

Us too Jenn, us too! Congratulations on all your hard work and accomplishments!

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