Camper Spotlight: Lisa Munro 

Lisa has been a CrushCamp member for a little over a year and started training with Anna in February. Lisa came to Anna because she had injured her back… again. She was over dealing with this same injury, and had hit a plateau in her current workout routine and wanted to change things up. She works hard in every class and if you ever get to run on a skill mill next to her, she will make sure you work hard too. Here is a note from her trainer Anna: 

“For me there are 2 words that come to mind when I think of Lisa; dedicated and persistent, because she gives 110% in each of our sessions. Working on her hip mobility is one of my main focuses in her program. Each morning I come in for our sessions, she is there early, working through her exercises. As a result her lower back pain has decreased which has allowed us to push her limits in strength training and crush new goals, like compete in her first Spartan Race! I am proud of her and cannot wait to help her reach new heights! “

What was your experience with fitness prior to CrushCamp?

Before coming to CrushCamp, I was a runner.  I ran marathons for over a decade and sprinkled many 10k, 21k races in there as well.  I felt like running defined who I was. It's just what I did. One year I wanted to see what the world of competitions was like.  I learned so much about nutrition and what discipline and commitment to a sport looked like! I quickly went back to running where I could eat a bagel.  Three years ago I ended up in bed for a month. Long story short....I have three herniated discs. Likely caused from endurance running over the years and very little stretching or core work.  I had to give up long distance running, so spent the next year trying to find my way with various gyms and workouts. I got BORED! July 1, 2018 I walked into CrushCamp...the rest you know!

Can you describe your 1-2 top goals when you started personal training at CrushCamp? 

Lisa and Coach Krista - Spartan Race 2019

Lisa and Coach Krista - Spartan Race 2019

I was looking for a change in my weekly exercise routines.  I had been doing almost a full year of Crush classes 5-6 times a week and needed to bring in something new. I feel like I was in a plateau and was not really seeing or feeling any improvements. I recently signed up to do a Spartan race.  Scared shitless but I felt like I needed a new goal and something to work towards. So preparing for this race has been one of my recent goals.

What has been the greatest benefit, area of growth, or goal you have achieved since starting personal training at CrushCamp?  

I feel stronger.  I can lift stronger than I ever have. I never thought I would do a 35lb dumbbell chest press or a single pull up! I still haven't mastered an unassisted pull-up but am hopeful it will come! But most of all, my back pain has reduced.  

When you look in the mirror now, what do you see?

Anna has always believed in me.  I still struggle with self love. I sometimes tell myself that I am fit "for my age,'' I am strong "for my age", or I look "good" for my age".  But Anna doesn't buy into any of that shit. I continue to work on leaving that part of the sentence out now. I am simply strong and look great!

Lisa and Coach Anna

Lisa and Coach Anna

How has your overall training experience been at CrushCamp? 

I learned early on that Anna has a lot of knowledge about proper exercises, and exercises that would build my strength overall. I learned to trust the process and changes to the program each month. Anna taught me that my body would be able to safely do any exercise without pain!  I was told for three years that I would never do a deadlift.....but here I am, loving deadlifts! We were able to build a relationship and connect which makes me feel like she is invested in my goals and actually wants me to achieve them! If there is anyone that is looking for a trainer to hold you accountable, push you to places you never thought possible, and someone that will believe in you in moments you may not believe in yourself, Anna is your gal.  

How was your overall experience at CrushCamp been? 

CrushCamp has worked very well for me. I have said for a long time, that all I ever need to remember, is how to tie my shoes. The coaches take care of the rest. I am someone that needs to be told what to do in regards to fitness. I will do anything (even a Turkish get up) if someone tells me I have to.  I love that I have found my new "me".  Crush has become a safe place for me to keep reaching for bigger goals.  Aside from the fitness journey, I have also met some amazing people that I hold very close to my heart now.  That shit doesn't happen at other gyms!

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