Online Programming: Take Your Training to the next Level! 

Going to group classes can help kick start any fitness regime, at CrushCamp we pride ourselves on developing smart, safe and sweaty workouts. We’ve got friendly and knowledgeable coaches, loud music and lighting that makes everyone’s biceps pop! But what if you’re coming 2-4 days/ week, you saw changes initially in your body composition, strength and endurance but now things have slowed down and plateaued and you’re feeling frustrated. At CrushCamp we are constantly working to always challenge our clients and keep them growing, however the body is (and always will be) one step ahead. Without a varied routine, goals that grow and change with us and a plan of attack to meet them, the body can and will plateau. Our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for, it wants to be in a state of “homeostasis” (equilibrium or optimal functioning) this means that we have to change up our workout and sometimes nutrition routines to stimulate change again. 


Luckily at CrushCamp there are a few different options to shake up your usual HIIT class schedule. Through Small Group or Personal Training you can get personalized coaching and accountability to help you reach your goals. Sometimes however, because of budget, time, work schedule or travel those two options are not viable. So what do you do? This is where online programming can be a budget friendly and flexible choice. If you’ve got a condo or office gym or even a few pieces of equipment at home (you had good intentions for, but have yet to use…) an online personalized program can be even more affordable. 

All of our Personal Trainers at CrushCamp offer online programming as a service and have been able to help lots of clients hit some pretty awesome goals remotely! 

While HIIT was tempering my inner athlete and challenging me to push myself beyond what I thought possible in the fitness department (I’m a self proclaimed non-runner!), it really garnered a love for the strength and HEAVY lifting. I knew I needed something to round out my training and thus brought me back to Christina for programming.
— amy m

All of our online programs are specifically designed for you. If your goal is to run your first half marathon but are suffering from knee pain, your program will be tailored to help you rehab that knee, whilst getting stronger, faster and more powerful for your run. You can finally use that Bowlfex that’s been collecting dust for the past 2 years, adding just 2 days/ week of upper body work to finally achieve your goal of crushing out a chin up! 

Without a clear well thought out plan how can you achieve specific goals? Personalized programming is what can truly take you to the next level of success. When you’re hitting a bit of a plateau, finding yourself sweating it out Monday-Friday without the change you saw at the start, maybe it’s time to shake it up a little bit and add 1-2 days of individualized workouts. 

If you’re looking to strengthen your grip to take your climbing to the next level, want to improve your squat form to final push past the 20 lbs dumbbells or just want to look better naked; online programming could be your next step to level up and see the success you’ve been working towards! 

Check out just how our TrueCoach software works through this video: 

Ask yourself; “Are you ready to shake it up? Take on a new challenge? And get yourself closer to your goals?” If so, let’s talk!