WOLF PACT CHALLENGE WEEK 4 | Three ingredients for a healthier mindset


A letter to:

Anyone who has ever struggled to stay motivated toward a goal, or felt overwhelmed by a lack of control over their own lives.

This one’s for you.

We are always working towards something, whether it is achieving our fitness goals, committing to a diet, growing in our career, or spending more time with loved ones. Despite our best intentions, it can lead to feeling overwhelmed and the thought of giving up can seem awfully appealing.  

How do we minimize the stress that can occur when we pressure ourselves to succeed?

By inviting healthier habits into our lives with three essential ingredients: Commitment, mindfulness, and community. 

Committing yourself fully to your goal is important. It increases the likelihood you will hold yourself accountable, and helps to build inner trust. That self-trust is the one that matters.

But what happens when you skip your workout? When you cheat and eat a bag of chips, or when Netflix + chill is more seductive than meal prep? The dreaded self-doubt creeps in, and that promise you made to yourself becomes “I’ll commit again on Monday”.

This is where ingredient number two - that sweet sweet mindfulness - comes into play.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool. The awareness that is gained by truly paying attention to your body, and especially to your lifestyle offers a unique perspective and critical information needed to affect long-term change. You will notice that these qualities you build through your mindfulness practice – compassion, non-judgment, acceptance, awareness, and curiosity – are invaluable lessons in the process of creating positive shifts.

Mindfulness is allowing your body to move in ways that feel good. Mindfulness is nourishing yourself a little differently. Inviting mindfulness into your daily life provides the opportunity to make conscious decisions for the better. It invites you to see more clearly your own wellbeing and that of others around you.

Which brings us to the third ingredient – Community.

Finding your community and actively participating in it reinforces the fact that you are not alone. The right community provides you support to help with your commitment and crush your goals. With this community you can share your stories, offer solidarity, cheer each other on and tap into the strength of collectively working towards a positive change in our lives.

So how does one bring mindfulness into their life?

Start small, and work your way up. 

Start with a 3-minute meditation everyday. Find a space to close your eyes and take deep conscious breaths, once you become more confident in being still, add an extra minute on each week.

Listen to your body! Take a look in the mirror and give yourself a smile, have gratitude for all that your body does for you, allow space to rest by taking a bath, getting a massage or going to a chill yoga class.

Become fully present when you are engaging with people, release the distractions so you can offer your best self.

Slow down! Life is busy and we rarely allow ourselves to slow down and be fully present for the precious moments of our lives.

 “Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more” – Mother Teresa