Krista Ziemann, Coach and Mother

Krista Ziemann, Coach and Mother

As a mom of 2 little girls I have had the privilege of teaching them about living an active life, what positive self talk is, nutrition, and how living well impacts our performance in our every day life. Okay, this sounds a like a lot - and it is. But it doesn't need to be complicated and I believe that’s the secret.

lessons for my kids and for you

So how does setting and accomplishing goals and change become your every day reality? Back to that whole idea of keeping it simple, you first need to discover your “WHY”. (Side Note: If you haven’t heard Simon Sinek’s TED talk on “Start with Why” you definitely should!). The reason your “WHY” is so important is because this your drive. This is where your choices and decisions that you make will either propel you toward your greatness, or push you out of alignment with that.

Here are a couple things that I’ve learned over the years and teach my kids on a daily basis:

1) It’s not all about the destination or the end goal.
Because to be honest, goals evolve as we start seeing the results we were hoping for. If it’s just about losing 10 lbs, the 6-week challenge, or running that race, we start losing our drive when we’ve hit that goal. It has to be long-term and more than just about the one goal.

2) Instead of only setting tangible goals, also set the intention of how you want to feel.
For example: I want to feel pain free, disciplined, strong, balanced, and doing handsprings when I’m 90 years old! From there, your goals will flow freely because you’ve established your “WHY”. So when you want to skip a workout, you’re in the position to ask yourself, “Am I in need of a rest day? Or do I need to summon up the energy because I know I’ll feel amazing after that workout?”

3) Do the things that you love.
So often we do things out of “ought” and “should” as opposed to doing something because we truly want to. Now don’t get me wrong, there are going to be days when the reason you do your workout is purely because you made yourself but that shouldn’t be the case 95% of the time.

4) Try new things and step out of your comfort zone.
How will you ever know you don’t like cross country skiing if you’ve never tried it? Who says hiking in the mountains is only reserved for those who do back country camping? As Coach Steph has said, “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable”. Try something new; you just might surprise yourself! And if you don’t enjoy it, oh well! You tried it and now you know.

5) Treat yo’self and enjoy it!
Our family tries to live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time is about making healthy choices, and the other 20% is where we allow ourselves to enjoy those indulgences. Be intentional about these choices. If you are wanting some chocolate don’t eat that crummy Halloween chocolate bar that has probably been sitting on the shelf for 2 months. Go get some high quality chocolate that you are going to love and appreciate. Don’t waste your time (or calories) on treats that don’t really satisfy.

6) Be gracious with yourself.
There are going to be days that you knock it out of the park and there will be days that you end up eating a sleeve of crackers at 10 pm at night because you’re bored. Use your WHY as your compass, and that will bring you back in alignment. Just because you veered a bit off track doesn’t mean you have to throw that day away as a waste. Get back on track, and start fresh right away.

7) Practice positive self talk and celebrate your successes.
Be your own cheerleader. So often we are quick to encourage someone else but we don’t extend that same encouragement to ourselves. We tend to look at our own “flaws” under the biggest magnifying glass, and focus on those instead of acknowledging and affirming our own greatness. I love this quote that I was told the other day, “It’s not about being perfect, it’s being better than you were yesterday.” Let’s make the goals of positive self talk starting today. Let’s be a cheerleader for not one those around us, but also for ourselves and remember that it’s about trying our best and not about perfection.


  • Practice self-love! Think about one thing you accomplished in the past year, and share it on social media!

  • Love on someone else! Call, text, or write a card to someone who you think is crushing it!

  • Try something new! Sign up for a dance class, make a date to go snow shoeing, or try a new recipe!

  • Get inspired by watching Simon Sinek’s TED Talk

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