How to make the most of your BioScan results

Rachel Hall, BKin, CanFit Pro PTS   Head of Training at CrushCamp

The BioScan is an in-depth look at body composition, from weight to body fat percentage to bone mineral density and more. The BioScan gives you a plethora of information - your challenge is figuring out what to do with it and how to best utilize the information given.

One of the most important numbers on the BioScan is your Body fat percentage (stat #10 on the report). Have you ever worked out really hard, and been disappointed when you step on a scale, only to find out the number has not moved - or worse - gone UP? This may be because you are actually increasing your lean body mass (stat #2) and decreasing your total fat mass (stat #8). In other words, your BioScan will show that you gained 3 lbs of muscle and lost 3 lbs of fat - great news, if this was one of your goals! And not something the scale would have shown.

As a general rule, most men are healthy with a Body Fat Percentage under about 20%, and most women are healthiest with a Body Fat Percentage under about 30%. Anything lower than 6-9% for men, or about 16-19% for women is going to feel pretty unsustainable (ie cutting out all alcohol, restaurants meals, etc). You can learn more about what to expect at each level of “lean-ness” here.

Now that we have an idea of where you stand, let’s talk about what you can do to make some changes! To make any real changes in your body composition you will have to change both your fitness and eating game. CrushCamp classes are a great calorie-torching way to up your fitness, and the BioScan results can help you customize your nutrition objectives. Here are the steps to calculate your nutrition goals using the results from your BioScan":


Log in to the eVolt Active App, select “My Macro’s”, then scroll down to select your Goals, your Body Type (not sure? Check out this guide), and your activity level, then click “Calculate”. You will receive a target number of calories per day, as well as a breakdown of the number of grams of each macronutrient (protein, fat, and carbs) you should be aiming for.


Set up a free profile on MyFitnessPal (or another similar food tracking app) and visit More > Goals > Carlories, Carbs, Protein, and Fat goals. Enter the total calories, and percentages recommended here.

STEP 3: Track your intake - and learn!

Don’t change anything - just eat normally for 2-3 days, and then take a look at the summary at the end of the day to get a very clear picture of how your current diet compares to your recommended daily intake.

Okay = that's a lot of information, we know. But you are not alone! Your pack is here to support you! Want help setting up your app, figuring out what the numbers mean, or advice on how to optimize your nutrition and fitness to achieve your goals? Book a complimentary consultation by clicking the link below, or just send us a note.

Haven't done a BioScan yet and intrigued? Learn more and book here.