Meet Chris


Chris is the absolute definition of commitment, balance, and dedication - while being a super nice guy! The very definition of the "Wolfpack". Check out his story to see how he managed to lose almost 6% body fat over the Wolf Pact Transformation Challenge!

What is your current main hustle? 

Other than being a superhero, I am a Junior High Teacher specializing in special education mathematics for grade 7, 8, and 9. 

What is your “why” for working out? 

My "why" for working out has changed depending on where I was in life. In High School and University, it was purely for aesthetics (haha). Now as an adult (ish), I do it for the long-term health benefits, stress release and mind clarity.  

Have you seen any changes in your body, mind, or life since joining CrushCamp?

In addition to joining CrushCamp, I've also changed my eating habits and generally living a healthier lifestyle. Since then, I've seen HUGE changes with my recent BioScan and Blue Wolf results as proof! I've lost 5.9% in body fat and gained 11.4 lbs in muscle in only 2 months! Mentally, I feel more confident in myself and I've never felt better than I do now!  

What do you love most about CrushCamp?

Where do I even start?! CrushCamp is such a positive and welcoming environment. Everyone at CrushCamp, including the instructors, staff, and clients, are so motivated to see each other succeed. The class itself is challenging, but everyone is supportive in making sure that every single person is "crushing" class while having a ton of fun doing it! 

When was the last time you “crushed it”?

Finishing the wolf pact challenge and being one of the few to collect all 25 badges! 

What’s the next goal you are working on Crushing?

Fitness-wise, to continue to work on lowering my body fat percentage and increase my muscle mass. But more importantly, to educate and motivate others to be healthy and fit! Shame-less plug alert, follow me on instagram @ mr.appave_fit to follow my fitness journey! 

Okay, Chris! We'll follow!

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