5 things to expect from your first CrushCamp class


Guys, I’m gonna be real with you. When it comes to working out, I’m lazy AF. I’ve never played any sports, and when I bothered to show up to high school gym, I was always picked last. I’m more familiar with kettle corn than kettle bells, and I eat cake for breakfast more often than I’m willing to admit. 

So, why am I writing a blog post for a fitness studio?

I’m so glad you asked! I was given the opportunity to join the amazing Front of House team at CrushCamp about a month ago. I knew this gig at CrushCamp meant challenging my sloth-like tendencies and getting me to step out of my comfort zone, so I took the leap. Before my first class a month ago, I could count the number of fitness classes I’d been to on one hand, so when I walked into that studio for the first time, I was pretty scared.

If you’re thinking about making the move from the couch to a CrushCamp class, here’s a newbie’s list of five things to expect from your first class and some tips to hopefully help you out:

1. You'll probably be nervous 

But most things are scary the first time you try them! Before I went to my first class, I was worried about so many things that now in retrospect seem really silly. I was nervous that I’d be the slowest or the weakest, that my workout gear wasn’t cute enough, and that I’d have to leave the studio in an ambulance rather than on my own two feet. Emily made me feel comfortable immediately, and took the time to make sure I had everything I needed for class. Throughout the workout, Rachel used her expertise to help me correct my form and feel not only like I was safe, but that I was getting the most out of each rep. At CrushCamp, you aren’t a number on a bike or a mat on the floor. You’re you, and you’re encouraged from start to finish to come as you are and to give the workout everything you’ve got.

Tip: Arrive 15-20 minutes early for your first class. Filling out your waiver, getting a tour of the studio, meeting your instructor, and getting an orientation on the SkillMill before class starts will definitely help with the intimidation factor.

2. It’s gonna hurt (so good)

These classes are tough, but you’ll survive, I promise! Each class is carefully planned so that clients get the most out of their workout. The instructors are there to push you (and trust me, they will!), but they won’t let you hurt yourself. Come prepared to work your butt off and plan to have sore muscles for a couple days afterward.

Tip: Come back for a second class, no matter how tempted you are to speed away from the studio and never go back. Your second class won’t be easier necessarily, but knowing what to expect will definitely make a difference. Check the schedule to see all the different classes on offer to find the one that works best for you (my favourite is Crush + Restore!). If you’re new like me, you could probably benefit from a CrushCamp Fundamentals class to work on your form, so keep an eye out for those.

3. You’re already part of the Wolf Pack

Come to class prepared to give a lot of high fives, because community is huge at CrushCamp. I was worried when I went to my first class that I’d feel bad about myself when I compared where I was at to the other Campers. To my surprise, I found myself feeling inspired by how the other clients were crushing the workout, and motivated to push myself harder.

Tip: Bring a friend to class with you, or better yet, befriend a veteran Camper! CrushCamp is a community built around achieving goals and lifting each other up (not literally guys, that’s what the dumbbells are for), so find strength and motivation in the Wolf Pack.

4. Prepare for a major confidence boost

When I started at CrushCamp, I expected to see physical changes over a long period of time. What I didn’t expect was the confidence boost I felt almost immediately after I decided to start taking my health and fitness more seriously. I leave classes feeling proud knowing that I worked hard and did something good for myself. The other day, I was shopping for a bathing suit (which is the worst, amiright?!) and I was blown away at how good I felt wearing a bikini. My body didn’t look any different, but I could feel a new swagger and confidence that I hadn’t tapped into before. I know that I won’t see outward results for a while, but to already feel an inward transformation as a result of a few fitness classes is pretty awesome.

Tip: Plan a trip to the mall and go buy a new bathing suit. You are amazing and strong and you deserve it, baby!

5. You’ll probably get addicted

After only one month of regularly attending classes, I’m amazed at how good I feel and about how stoked I get before a workout. I’m able to clear my head and focus on the task at hand easier in a CrushCamp class than I ever have at yoga or in a guided meditation (TBH, those usually just put me to sleep), and I can’t wait to see how much stronger and better I’ll continue to feel in the coming months. I’ve had my share of the Kool-Aid, and I’m confident that if you give it a try and stick with it, you too will become a member of the Wolf Pack!

Tip: Check out class packs and membership options, there’s something on offer for every hectic schedule and budget. CrushCamp also offers fitness testing and BioScans to help you track your progress. Take advantage of these as often as you can to see how much faster and stronger and more badass you get!

I hope this helps. If you have any questions or concerns ahead of your first CrushCamp class, call, email, or drop by. We can’t wait to meet you!