Meet Mylthie


What made you want to try CrushCamp? How did you hear about it?

I wanted to try CrushCamp because I love trying new workouts and it was a new studio in the city that I wanted to support! I was also intrigued by the SkillMill, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

How did you hear about CrushCamp?

I found out about Crush Camp from Studio Revolution and Instagram.

How was your first class? How would you describe Crushcamp to your friends?

My first class was the sneak peak class with Emily and it was killer! I couldn’t feel my legs for days - but in a it hurts so good kind of way!

I’ve been trying to get all my friends to check out CrushCamp. I describe it as the most intense full body workout that’s focused on both cardio AND strength! I love that you use real weights not just 3-5lb weights. It’s everything you need in 50 minutes!

What have you noticed changes in since starting Crushcamp?

Since taking CrushCamp classes I have noticed that I can really push myself when running. The motivation and encouragement you get from the instructors is unreal! I also love that I leave every class feeling so much stronger because the instructors make a point of knowing what your goals are and follow up on your goals and hold you accountable for reaching those goals both inside and outside the studio!

How many classes a week would say that you attend?

On average I take about 1-2 classes a week depending on how crazy my schedule is.

What is your favourite thing about CrushCamp?

My favourite thing about CrushCamp is energy and the feeling you get when walk into those doors. Everyone knows your name, and everyone is so welcoming, I love it!

What keeps you coming back?

Everything about the studio keeps me coming back. I love how good I feel after a killer workout - the lemongrass towel at the end is a bonus! I love the energy of the instructors, and the results that I have from the classes!

What are your favourite jams to Crush too?

Anything with a good beat! love the variety of music that is played at CrushCamp. You never know what’s coming next, just like the workout!

What do you do in your spare time?

As my everyday job, I work as an Accounts payable Clerk at Silverhill Acura. In my spare time I like to spend time with my friends and family. I also love to read- I love learning; I probably own the entire self-help section of Chapters. But I think of it as self-empowerment. I also love working out at the gym and trying fitness classes.

What are your goals?

My goals is to be able to squat one and half times my weight and to have Leizanne’s arms #GOALS!