My first CrushCamp Class


It’s 6:45pm on a Monday Night- I am getting ready to go to my first class at CrushCamp. My fitness friends had been raving about the newest sweat obsession to hit the YYC Fitness community-CrushCamp.

Michelle.. “you're going to love it!”, “it’s such a good workout!”, “you’ll be obsessed!” are just a few things my friends had said about this latest workout. Now, I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous... the SkillMill - what is that? Something Olympic athletes use? What kind of workout was I trying?

As I stepped into the studio Emily and Leizanne were there at the front to greet me with big smiles- welcoming me in and encouraging me not to be scared- I was gonna love it.
I walked into were the class was going to take place. Let me tell you the SkillMill is not as scary at it seems. Its actually super awesome because it allows you to make your own pace and you control how fast you go without a motor- how cool right? Leizanne made sure to check in with everyone and make sure that they felt comfortable on the machines- and then the class begun. We climbed hills, did a bunch of pistol squats and got a super hard-core ab circuit in... and like my friends said we SWEATED BUCKETS and made it through the class. I was instantly addicted to this new heart-pumping, sweaty HIIT workout and couldn’t wait to share it with all my friends. If you haven’t tried CrushCamp I highly recommend you do! I have a few extra tips to help get you excited and prepared for your first class at CrushCamp

1) Arrive at least 15 minutes before class

This allows you to get set up, meet your instructor, and get a run-down of the SkillMill itself so you understand how to use it correctly when the class starts

2) If you feel like it might be a bit much..

Try CrushCamp 101, Lunch Crush or a Crush and Restore- these two classes will still allow you to get your sweat on but will be a little less intense if your not ready to try the full 50 minute classes

3)Come prepared

Make sure to bring a pair of indoor running shoes, water and clothes that you are able to sweat in!

4)Bring a friend

Fitness classes are super fun when you bring a friend because then you get to experience it together and push each other to your limits!!

Can’t wait to Crush out a Class with you!